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The orange invasion of kurtas has arrived (because of the color of the Etsy logo). No, of course not, the invasion of colors, designs and carvings of all kinds has arrived from the hand of etsy.com , one of those stores that seems to be missing , but they are. Some of our users have had doubts as to whether or not to buy here …

Did you know that if you buy the kurta on Etsy you will be getting exclusive models made in the very country of origin? In other words, you have one of the most true series of kurtas today. The opportunity you have cannot be missed

For this reason, with all the love of yourkurta.online from a specific point in Europe, which is where we come from, he has decided to project his eye like an owl and locate the stores that sell the best kurta models . In this this section you have one of them! To enjoy and behave like a true “gentleman” from India 😏

List of the Best Offers of male and female pajama kurtas on Etsy today

What manly and womanly kurta models do we currently have for sale on Etsy?

Depending on the color you use, the design you use, the notch or what gender it is intended for, we can classify the different types of kurta that are for sale on Etsy. Here you have one of the 3 best-selling models in the American store for the following reasons:

Men’s Kurta with Uniform Color Design on Etsy

We start with the cheapest! Before telling you its price, which is hard to believe, we are going to tell you why this model is one of the best sellers: the one that gives you more quality in the garment at a lower price, it is made 100% by hand, woven in cotton and the catalog of you want is very wide, yellow, white, black, beige, brown blue, navy blue, olive green, orange, purple and red . Something you have to know right now is that sizes come in inches. If you are not used to driving in inches, don’t worry, you will be able to go from inches to centimeters by accessing inches-to-cm.com . Its design is completely smoothed, clean, with 4 buttons at the top of the garment, right in the center below the collar flap. The notch extends to the height of the kneecap. It is usually the usual model that many men in India wear when they do their routine activities:

Walking, being at home, shopping, going to a restaurant to eat . You, who are from the West, if you are going to go to watch football for the neighborhood team or you live in a restrained town, with few inhabitants, and you want to be the only one with a different style, this model, uf with this model, more than one girl will not stop looking at you. In truth, this style of kurta is intended for the most daring. Why? Because there are several who wear it not only the kurta as such, but also go with the pants, and if possible, with the shoes . So we only want you to buy this model if you’re going to dare to do this or want to grab one of the best kurta deals on etsy.com, given your current tight budget. You have it available fromsize S to size XXL , just over $ 15 ! Those men who prefer a kurta in the casual, minimalist style and without bizarre designs , this is the model they have to buy

Kurta for women from Tibet on Etsy

Have you ever been to Tibet? You have it in the color of this garment, which is white . This refers to the icy lands of this southern Chinese state that borders Nepal and Bhutan. This model is worn not only by women, but also by men, in northern regions of Bhutan. To a lesser extent in Nepal. It stands out for having a totally worn design, like faded, but at the same time shiny, with designs of horizontal and vertical lines in different shades of black and white, with the main layer tonality in a kind of beige-grayish tone . The sleeves of the kurta are at the height of the wrists and its closure system , which would be the button on any other more universal garment,It is one of the most exclusive of all the kurtas that we find in any other section of the network: on the right hand side and horizontally, the ball in charge of tying the small coiled rope that is at the other end of the layer

Although it may not seem like it, if you buy it to your measure, it is unlikely that this rope tie will slip out of place and open for you by accident. Something that users have valued very positively in the reviews of this model on etsy.com. Next to the wrists, you have a blade design that interchanges oblique arrangements facing left and right. The collar flap is a standard size and has two front pockets, something that you also have with the previous model, except for the front pocket at the top, which is not available in this model.. In many areas of Tibet, live some of the most precarious people in the entire Chinese community, being close to more underdeveloped countries such as Nepal and Bhutan. By having this model in your wardrobe, you will be supporting these communities with the label of “refugees”. Its price, of more than 100 dollars, magnifies its exclusivity and for what specific moment it is carried: only if you go to this region of China or the place in India where you are is the coldest of all , opt for this model

Kurta for women in the ethnic style of Tibet on Etsy

Women from all over the world, you have available one of the most exclusive female kurtas not only from Etsy, but from the entire network. What is the reason for this forceful statement? One of those that turn it into a garment of “woww, where did you buy that?” It is on the button panel, which comes in small pearls along the button panel and a more general, looser pearl, which has been nothing more than the classic round button that we would find in a conventional garment . The most predominant color in pearls is the whitish tone. It is surrounded by lighter and more opaque tones. The same happens if we go to the edge of the sleeves, where it has an embroidery like gold, very contrasted with the main color of the cape, that we find it in a beautiful green and in a darker tone, brown. The trim at the lower end of the garment is the same style as the sleeves, but with a design that mixes brilliance and opacity at the same time . It’s like each part of the garment is nothing like each other

It’s super cute, no wonder it’s one of the best-selling models, and when you see the price … you’re going to drool! Before telling you that, we must continue talking about more peculiarities in its design: that of the main layer. It has light lines of points in very light green that are formed like silhouettes of flowers, a pattern very similar to women. Then it is followed by linear designs, stems and points of different thicknesses to distinguish each of the outlines to which it refers. The garment’s design is very light, making it ideal to wear even in hot places. This kurta is to go out on party nights, to celebrate an important event or to surprise your friend or boyfriend with a totally Hindu style.. The green color makes it more advisable to wear it at peak times of the day than just at night, where you are not going to get as much out of it and the color is not going to shine as brightly. You have it available for less than $40If you want one of the most exclusive feminine kurtas in design or surprise your girl with a special gift on her birthday, choose this model

Why buy the kurtas on Etsy?

The transaction of the kurta you want in Etsy.com is super easy: you just have to have a registered account of Google, Facebook or Apple. That as a registered user. You can also successfully complete the operation by going to Etsy as a “guest”. This is something that you will see, one above and one below, just when you click on the button in black that says “process the order”. It may be ideal for you to select a registered account, if you are on the street right now, you do not have your bank card at hand and you want to avoid going home from where you are. Thanks to the fact that you have saved your card details for Google Pay or Apple Pay, you will be able to carry out as many operations as you want without having any of the debit or credit cards that we will tell you below:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal or Discover. With one of the 4 you can buy the kurta model that you want. How does etsy.com deliver the kurtas? You have two modes of shipping: the international standard , which is the one that takes the most days to deliver the product, about 25-40 working days , about three-four weeks, which in some countries like the US, takes a little less (10-21 days) and the shipping cost is free , with the delay that we told you, and if you do the operation in Spain, the receipt of the order choosing standard delivery, takes up to a month and this time it does have the shipping cost included, which rises to 40 dollars

If you want to shorten the deadlines , you will have to select the “USPS Priority Mail International” shipment . The average shipping costs will be between 35-50 dollars , always depending on the place from where you are visiting us. What factors influence when only the VAT tax or more than one tax affects you? That you spend equal to or less than 150 dollars (if for example you place your order from Spain). When making the final price in the “taxes” section, not only VAT, but also customs duties will be added to you. That figure does not have to be the same in all countries. For example, all visitors from Australia, you know that you will have to pay customs fees if you spend equal to or more than 1000 Australian dollars. Each country sets its own rules, so you can understand us. If you have any doubts about it, contact us