How to design my own homemade kurta easily?

Shocking question for people who have never dared to make a kurta-scented DIY, but on nothing is shocking and nothing is impossible. We provide you with the most demanded pre-manufactured models on the market and the best models for free! Or well, a little money, less than 5 dollars we go, so that you look unique or unique at a price of laughter

We began to investigate here and there, in that eagerness to find something simple that every user could enjoy, and we found a video with which you are going to get going from minute one. The particular thing here is not that you can show off thanks to a clothing made by you. The particular thing is that if you have an entrepreneurial mind …

We already anticipate that we are going in that direction, we are going to influence you indirectly or directly, we do not know in what way, but what we will do, we will. I said, with that mentality and if you belong to the group of people who have not much or little money, but have enough, if the thread with which you are going to weave the kurta costs you about 4-5 dollars on average, you will be able to sell your particular kurta in the second market 5 or 6 times more expensive than yarn

Had it occurred to you? It’s something you can do. Waiting! We will help you make that come true: being able to finalize your own kurta and that you can teach us with your own hands, we will put it up for sale on our online site and you will take the full money from the sale 🤑

Materials you need to design your homemade kurti

  • Black cloth
  • White cloth
  • Permanent marker
  • Pair of scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine

We are going to undertake a classic design by Sew with me, which we appreciate if you let us publish your video on this page of our online site. The first thing you have to know is the size of your bodice or female bust . Based on the measurements you obtain, you will have to make a more or less loose line

To do this, grab the tape measure by pressing it on the center of the chest with your right or left finger, whichever you want, and then, with the other hand, roll it starting from the maximum height on the bust, that is, your nipple . It has to be precisely that particular area because it is the point where you are going to obtain the maximum and real radius of centimeters that constitutes the total back and back of your bust

Placing the video at minute 0:12, the first thing to see is the part of the fabric that is purely horizontal (the shoulder area) and the classic rounded part, where at the end you will proceed to the sewing of both sleeves . The size of said curved line has to be about 10-15cm . Always choose a few extra inches. In this way, you will get the kurta to be somewhat loose, just as the already manufactured models sold in the market look like.

The size of the horizontal line will depend on the width of the torso in the shoulder area . To do this, take the measuring tape , and just as you did to obtain the real measurements of your female bust, grab it from your right or left shoulder , whichever you want, and from the front and without stopping pressing that first finger on one of the two arms, bring it up to the other arm . That way, you will know the actual measurements of the uppermost part of the torso, in addition to the bust and the sleeves

This that we tell you, like everything that follows, you have to do it with the folded fabric or a double layer on top . In the video you can clearly see this. Why? Because you are not going to want one part of the kurta to cover your body and the other to see everything, is that right? You have to knit it from the back and back. We recommend that you do it with folded fabric. The peculiarity is that the lines you make for the width, not the length, you have to draw in the middle. When you proceed to cut, with the fabric folded, you will get just the other exact half, obtaining the total width of it

What we just told you is in case you want a totally black design. In this case, as explained in the video from minute 0:30, or as you can see in the thumbnail of the video, you will have to make the measurements that you traced on the black fabric, on that of White color. You can either do that, or place the white piece of cloth underneath the black piece of cloth (minute 1:20). Proceed to cut the excess part of the white fabric that you see that protrudes a little with the black fabric, something that our beloved youtuber does after a few seconds

To do this procedure, be sure to do it very carefully and very little by little . PS: Put pins, starting from the black fabric, and passing it through the white fabric. Thus, the cut will come out with precision Remember that any area that we cut more or less than you should, the final result can come out a part of it somewhat wider than the other. It must be avoided at all costs. Try to place both pieces of fabric somewhere free of any type of accessory. This cut that you are now making is the front of the kurta. A similar procedure will have to be done for the rear . At that point, are you more or less locating, no? Come on, little by little …

The rest of the measurements, not including the armholes and the part of the shoulders, are as follows: the area that goes from the lowest end of the path, which corresponds to the armpit, has to be a little more than centimeters than you did in the curved area of ​​the kurta. The third stroke, which is the one inclined looking to the right , not to the left as happens with the stroke that we have just told you, it has to be almost twice as large. The last stroke, has to include up to the height where you want the kurta to arrive, in case you want it short, at the height of the knees or long, close to the ankles

Starting the video at minute 2:00 , you will proceed to remove the pins. As a result, as we told you before, you are going to get two exactly the same pieces. It is very important to do that previous step, otherwise that horizontal design with double color is not going to look even , and you cannot afford it. Placing the video 10 seconds later, at minute 2:10, you will be able to see how the two pieces fit . Something similar has to fit you

What’s next next? Create the four horizontal lines, two in black and two in white, with outlines of white circles on one and black on the other. To get two strips of the same color of the blow, you will double it more or less, depending on how thick you want in your line . The youtube model is two inches tall and 8 inches long. If you don’t know how much this is in centimeters , pass it by going to . These measurements are totally optional. You can make the size of thickness in height and width that you want. The important thing is that it is well cut and stylized

From minute 2:30 , you will be able to see this process in detail. Once you have the double made with the clear width and length measurements, you are going to proceed to cut. For a more efficient process, reposition a pair of needles and thus you will instantly obtain the 4 strips at once . We recommend that you do it separately even if it takes a little longer. Remember that going to Uncle Diego never brings anything good. When you get the folded black strip, put it back on top of the black fabric and cut another piece of fabric with the same measurements, as if you were making another line, with another double black fabric under this strip that you cut beforehand (minute 3:07)

When you get this double black strip, you will make another third strip doing the same procedure that you did to obtain the second strip (minute 3:40). When we tell you the minute, it is so that you can see in which exact part of the video it proceeds to do this step. Once this is done, you are going to proceed to join the black fabric layer with the white fabric layer . To do this, you are going to join the two pieces using, again, the pins . PS: If you have never knitted or have done it a few times, we recommend that you put several of these pins. Thus, the seam will come out with greater precision

At the time of sewing, your left or right hand, depending on whether you are right or left-handed, will be located near the head of the sewing machine, which is responsible for joining both pieces of layers. With the other hand, you will gradually remove the pins . Place the video from minute 4:00 to see in detail how this process does. When making the bust lines, the armpits, it is important that you make a few inches of margin to have more margin for error . Again, you are a beginner and we want it to be super good the first time. At minute 4:30 you will be able to see the final result. Something like that has to stay

To proceed to join each of the strips, you will proceed to do the same steps: both when knitting in width and length, you are going to leave a few inches of margin with respect to the total length and width of the same, In other words, you are going to weave a little inside the strip itself , as if you were making a strip of a size somewhat smaller than the one you made from the first moment. Our dear youtuber does it and is more expert than your insurance at sewing. First, fold the strip and sew it the way we told you . Then, when you have sewn, turn the stitched fabric over with the help of the scissors (minute 5:15)

Why do you have to do these two steps, one before knitting and one after knitting? You would not like the seam to be seen with the naked eye with the finished model, right? Turning it around and doing something else that we will tell you below, you will be able to hide this together , leaving everything very well finished, it seems that it has left the factory, nothing to do it lightly. Grabbing from one of the ends, once the fabric is squeezed with the help of scissors (minute 5:30), you will be able to extract it out at that same right or left end , whichever you have chosen

Make sure all the reverse fabric on the strips is completely out. Next, you are going to proceed to make a small double on both edges of the strip. The doubles have inside the strip itself, that is, you don’t have to double so that it overflows on the back of the strip. This double has to be inside the strip, hidden from view , as we told you at the beginning. The video starts at minute 5:52 . You will see everything more clearly. Later, you will proceed to join said piece of cloth folded inwards

You will have to do the same with all the strips. Now, to join each of these strips to the double layer that you sewed beforehand, you are starting from the top of the homemade kurta and leaving two inches of margin with respect to the lowest part of the neckline of the garment . By doing this step, you will be able to how much low-cut neck you want, in case you are one of those women who is looking for a kurta that is more low-cut than normal, in an informal style, or a less low-cut, formal style. To place each of the strips right in the center of the double layer, you are going to proceed to make a first double, verifying if the side of the strip that overflows in the black and white layer respectively, has 4 inches on each side (minute 6:30)

It is important that when joining the strips, you previously make the lines every two inches, so you will know which part will be and will not be without strip . In total, you have to make a total of 8 strokes. Seeing the image of the video thumbnail, you will be able to make a simulation of all the strips attached to the layer with their respective margins at the top. You can also leave some notebooks or something similar at both ends of the strips . In this way, you will be able to correct a minimum deviation of one more strip to the left or more to the right.

Once these previous steps are done, you will proceed to combine, always leaving a small margin, which you do not forget. The part closest to the low-cut neck, you will place a black strip. Then a strip of white. The last two, you return to color another in black and a last in white. If you have looked at the video, the first black strip that we tell you to join, does not join. Why? Because first, you have to do the base of the neck . Will have to stick your head somewhere, right 😜?

That said, put the video at minute 8:17 . To do this, you are going to re-fold the entire layer just in half . Thus, you will not have to make each half of the neck low-cut independently, achieving greater precision in sewing, and therefore, a better final result. Placing the video at minute 8:23, you can see that the vertex where the black layer meets the white (the part of the layer of the shoulders and arms). This is where you have to make the stroke slightly curved, just below the vertex below . How much below? That will depend on whether you want a higher or lower low cut. Finally,When you have the stroke made with the low cut measurements you want, you will proceed to cut with the scissors

At minute 8:48, you have an example of how the neck should look. As a final ornament, our beloved youtuber has grabbed 4 white buttons and another four black. You can make your homemade ones by taking plastic ones and painting them with acrylic paint, matching the style of the homemade kurta in uniform colors, or break with the design and give it some kind of disruptive design, such as the initials of the favorite activities that you Like to do, the emojis of your liking or whatever you want. Imagination! That’s what we want you to have

Arrived here, my dear gentleman “xxx” or my dear lady “xxx”, let us ask you a question: have you finished with your model, are you in the process or have you not even started yet? You may have thought that what we put at the beginning of our article is like the typical thing that is written to get you going. In part we have to agree with you: many know how to speak, but to show, they already know much less

As a man’s word, as if we were your very loved one, we are going to deliver. You also have to do your part, finishing the kurta at 100%, not leaving it at 80%. We will be able to see it if you send us a few photos to our contact form or a video to

When you do, you will see that you will become golden and you will be part of that select club of “xxx” that only a few belong to. What is the “xxx”? Finish making your homemade kurti and you will know 😉