Green kurta pajamas for mens and womens, synonym of action!

The color green, the color of nature or the color associated with wealth, hence the money emojis are all green. Example of this? 💰. But no, we are not saying that this color is only worn by the most favored and wealthiest people in society

We’re just trying to hit the nail on the head for what is that detail that can make everyone feel identified. There it goes: having green gives us the vitality to take action. You have already done that action by searching for that specific color on our online site or by searching for us online

After being so poetic, we couldn’t fail you, giving you the most varied catalog of green kurtas with the best designs and prices that has prepared for you in this section . Every time we see someone with something green on their clothes or the color of their eyes, we stay like that 🤤. Now we want you, unconditional kurta fan, to be the next victim!

List of the Best Offers of male and female green kurtas on Amazon today

What models of manly and womanly green kurtas do we currently have for sale on Amazon?

According to the design, the shade of green and for which sex it is oriented, we can classify the different types of virile and feminine green kurtas that are for sale on Amazon. These are three of the best-selling models on Amazon:

Green kurta for men in the smoothed style

TOP in sales and in demand from the client. For sale because it is one of the most sold by Amazon. In demand because there are many users who demand this type of design. Its purely minimalist construction means that we are in front of one of the most beautiful kurtas in the section. The green polyester fabric runs through the entire cape and only on the collar trim and in a pocket located on the left chest, they have a seam of black lines that intersect each other that form like small squares . We have the button panel hidden under the flap of the upper part of the chest and bordering the neck. The front pocket is large enough to store a large smartphone or your sunglasses.The fabric is split in two on the lower sides of the garment. That it incorporates this detail is very important not only on an aesthetic level, but to know that we are in front of a true and 100% original kurta

The notch on the sleeves is loose enough to be worn throughout the day and whatever the weather. Obviously, at very extreme temperatures do not wear it . In addition to running the risk of fading from the sun’s rays, you expose yourself to terrible heat. You have it available from size S to triple large size, that is, XXXL. Whether you have a loose or narrow torso, the sizes of this model will adapt perfectly. This type of design and with this color, is used by many Hindus and Pakistanis to go to sacred areas, such as making an offering in broad daylight , something that you will see a lot if you visit some of these two countries.It is also used in reference to the color of the flag of India , whose hue appears right at the bottom. Others match it by the color of the eyes. It is said out there that Rihanna wore one of them because of the tonality of her eyes. If you want the most casual, most minimalist green kurta for men, this is the model you have to choose

Green kurta for women with pine bouquet print

We continue to preserve minimalism, but this time with a different touch that gives the garment another fresh air. This is the type of pattern it presents. It could well be carried by men, but the sketch it uses refers to the life that women radiate in nature with their smile, their laughter, their touch . Hence, it is only worn by more women. This doesn’t matter to you at all. What you do care about is its design, whose print comes in kinds of plates, small accessories that protrude a little from the garment, not being fabric, but like imitation pearls. The design, located in the upper central part, begins with a first stroke that forms a kind of glass. Inside it, there is the largest pine branch, then a succession of smaller pine branches. These two things are closed, separated by another line, as if it were the mouth of the glass, with small bouquets at one end or the other, and separated by the small peak opening in the neck flap

It lacks a button panel and the edges of the sleeves have two lines of different colors in the center, which are distinguished from the color of the garment. The neck is totally round and it is not too low-cut, being a garment of a formal nature, ideal to wear on special dates, such as if that birthday is celebrated in summer or an important party where you live is celebrated in spring . We exclude autumn and winter, especially into autumn, all winter and early spring, as these are times when the effects of cold are most suffered. This in case you live in mixed places. If you live in warm places, to go home or to go out to the movies with him, you are going to leave everyone stunned.You are not going to teach more than necessary, as many girls do today, and if you have padding on top, as with the female bust, you are going to break any pattern . Its price is only 20 dollars, super good for everything it offers in design and fabric quality. If you are that woman who likes a more conservative and not so daring style of outfit, this is the model you have to choose

Green kurta for men in glitter style

It is not only one of the most demanded in this section and the most expensive (don’t say that Yes we are going to say it, well we have already said it, but we could not resist. Going back to before, not only does it stand out for those two things, it is that it has included in the pack some pants that match this exclusive kurta in the style of dress . This is how this model is presented , ideal if you have a husband with whom you want to celebrate an important event such as his birthday, Christmas Eve, leaving all the guests and guests surprised, or you are going to go on a Honeymoon to the very Hindu lands. Why do we select such special dates? Its design mixes different shades of green, with the kind of glitter in a more golden color, and the other layer, in a darker green color. This is the first thing to review, which uses different shades of green. Did you know that light green denotes humility and dark supremacy? Etymologically speaking

With that mixture of colors, you will be able to tell yourself that you have several qualities, not just one and bland as it would be with a single color tone. The second thing to highlight is the trim that comes out of the neck to almost the middle of the garment, and the trim at the end of the sleeves. Its design draws a lot of attention at first glance, having a very intense green color in the center, and on the sides, thin lines mixed in that same intense green and black color. It looks like some kind of sword. Whatever it is, the truth is that the pattern looks very imposing, perfect for a man to wear and more so if its cut is vigorous, rough, strong. An example of these are people with dark complexions, whose muscles are more developed than normal. But hey, if you are a person with a lighter complexion and not so imposing at first glance, you can also wear it. You are going to achieve your goal: to attract attention. If you like a more aggressive and daring men’s kurta style, this is the model you have to choose

Why buy green kurtas in our online store?

The inventory of green kurtas on our online site is the most heterogeneous in the entire network . Proof of this is that we have models of kurtas not only adapted for men and women, but also for young boys and girls who already want to start strong, setting trends from a young age. Before finalizing the purchase, you will have to choose if or if the size. These sizes may be slightly smaller than normal. We notify this on the main page of our website. To give you an idea: if you opt for a size S, choose M because it will surely fit your S size. It is something that happens a lot with models sold on Amazon. They come from countries like China and therefore this. As for the stock, it works as follows:

If you visit us from the US, you will find the shipping delay and corresponding expenses more flexible, as long as the model leaves a warehouse located in China. If you leave your own country , it could take 48/72 hours for the carrier to deliver your green kurta. It is a different case if it comes from a territory located on the outskirts of the United States . In that case, the receipt of the order may take 5-7 business days or even more days. Remember that these deadlines are estimates and that depending on the month you visit us, the transport companies themselves will be more or less in a hurry. An example of this is if you buy it in the middle of Christmas or in the run-up to Christmas.Shipping costs, whether it leaves the US or the country where it comes from is not very far away, for example if you end up buying at (the Canadian department), the shipping cost is approximately 5 dollars

This changes completely to how little the country from which it is exported is moderately remote. An example of this is if you are in the US, you see that your model is not available on, but it is on . You think: “And how the hell do I know that the same model I want is available in the Amazon department in Australia?” Because we have embedded an intelligence system that allows us to detect at once that the model you want does not have stock in the US and does in another store, always going to the most distant one within the vicinity, as is the case with the example of Australia. If it is available at and, it will always be directed to Canada earlier due to its proximity to the US and corresponding cost savings and a less late shipping delay.

In the case that you order in the department of Australia , the delay can be extended from 10-15 working days in the best case, and always including working days, with a shipping cost of around ten dollars . Something similar happens if you are in Spain, you see that this model is not available on but it is on The seller that allows international purchases, you can buy it by paying an average of 10-15 dollars. Contact us if you have any questions about it. All your operations are carried out with bank cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, Discover, JCB, Union Pay and the Amazon card . Visiting us in the run-up to Christmas or the middle of the Christmas season has a prize: By default you have a 30-day money-back guarantee on all your green kurtas, extendable up to 90 days (January 31 of the following year)