Live life in a different way with Gucci kurta pajamas for mens and womens

How that that the Gucci brand was only going to be intended for conventional garments, more seen by users, and not other less conventional garments, not so seen by a wide spectrum of the public? It could be from Italy, you will have seen ads for the brand on any TV channel where you live less in more remote places

It will not be as well known in Middle Eastern countries, but that Gucci is Gucci, with g of gain, indeed, it is . We say about Gain because few brands in the sector dare to make models of kurtas as daring as the ones you are going to see in this section

The cheap adventure is not going to be, but it is going to be the most exciting in terms of porting experience. Combining it with a trip to the Maldives, ugh, you’re going to look like a real guccinist 🤑! We will not be able to resist your passing photos to us. Buying at has a prize… There we leave it!

List of the Best Offers of male and female kurtas in Gucci today

What models of manly and womanly kurtas do we currently have for sale at Gucci?

Depending on the type of design, in which tonality they are printed and the gender to which it is oriented, we can classify the different types of masculine and feminine kurtas that are for sale on These are the 3 most prominent models in the segment:

Kurta for women in squares design by Gucci

We start high with this section: we have the kurta model that yes, it rises above 4000 dollars . Why such a high price? In addition to paying for the brand itself, there are others that justify the reason for this value: 1st is its design . And it does not leave anyone indifferent. The trims of the lower end of the garment, of the neck lapel and of the sleeves, made of linen and in a color like a camel species, a color tone that is most similar to camel fur. This tonality of edging, combined with the design in slanted squares, all of them separated by thin lines of black and forming points of 8 lying down, gives rise to a kurta look not seen in any other model on the market. It was to think. Everything that smells of Gucci has an aroma of exclusivity, of singularity, of unique. The neck lapel is round and its opening reaches almost the middle of the garment, which would be the part of the garment that will overflow on your female bust. This remains closed throughout and is separated by a double chain in a copper color , with a 180 degree curved arrangement.

At the end of both sleeves, right at the back, we have an area free of any type of fabric, be it polyester or linen, as happens with the neck flap, and it is separated by a chain. At the back of the neck it has a zipper-like opening, which allows a better extraction of the garment from the torso, without having to tighten too much, preventing it from being torn by accident. It is an ideal model to wear at any time of the day and at any time of the year. The same as if you carry it in a morning breakfast to that specific pub that you go as if you go for dinner with your boyfriend to that restaurant that you usually frequent.. Although it has been said that the camel color goes with everything, the truth is that it attracts more attention if it is complemented with an opaque-looking color. It does not have to be black, it can be a brown color for example. This garment is designed to be worn without pants underneath and with both straight-soled and high-heeled shoes. If you are looking for the most expensive Gucci kurta model and you have a loose budget , this is the model you have to choose

Kurta for women in diamond design by Gucci

There is a little thing that we told you above, that of the 8 lying down, which was a kind of joke. You see: in this model the design is presented the same in terms of design, but with a use of different tones. The first tonality that varies is in the lines that give rise to the successions of rhombuses, which change from a black color to a white color. The main color layer goes from being a camel to dark green, and that sort of 8 lying linking each of the rhombus is neither more nor less than the Gucci logo, the famous double G . It seems we are talking about the G-spot here, hahaha 😜. Let’s leave jokes and continue with your… For sizes, you will be able to select from XS to XLAs for the design of the sleeves and the neck flap, it varies slightly too: the neck now has two layers that stand out more or less, depending on whether the zipper is more or less closed . That is another of its differences, that the neck flap lock goes from being chains to a standard zipper, like those we see in conventional garments.

The trim around the zipper is tinted beige, while the zipper is tinted in a gold tone. In the area of ​​the forearm of both sleeves, it has a slightly linear oblique embroidery, tinted in a beige hue, which contrasts with the main design of the kurta. On the sides of the sleeves, which we forgot to comment on, it has a three-striped line design, the one on the left and right in brown, and the one in the center in red . The sleeve grips have an embossed finish that allows them to adhere perfectly no matter what size wrist you have. This model is twice as cheap compared to the previous one: Almost 2000 dollars. Given its colors, it makes it less usable at night and more usable during the first hours and peak hours of the day. We said it was beige, but also a shade similar to ivory, an exclusive color used in very expensive and exclusive garments. By having the zipper, it is more designed to walk with it or take home, more of an informal style , than not to take it to go somewhere more formal, such as a restaurant. If you are looking for a sporty, more casual kurta look , this is the model you have to choose

Unisex kurta with animal prints in Gucci

We have decided to select this model because it includes the word “pajama”, one of the most common nomenclatures that users use when searching for a kurta on the net. This doesn’t matter to you. We know. What if we tell you that it is one of the pajama-style kurtas that you won’t find anywhere else? That does matter to you eh… Its design is one of those things that stand out: it uses a nice image of a series of penguins located in their natural habitat, in a cold place. The pattern denotes a double meaning of, on the one hand, tranquility, the penguin that is on the ground drinking water or eating, and on the other hand, that of action, the penguin that is activated to go in search of its prey and get a primary need, that of subsisting. From the neck lapel to the button panel area, it has a red edging, the same that is presented on the lower end of the sleeves, which adjoins the back of the hand, not the palm of the hand, but its back

This kurta model comes with a surprise because it includes the pants with the same type of pattern, so you will be “x” amount of money at the price of two. The model is made of 100% silk, so it will act very well for the thermal insulation that is so necessary in pajamas. You have included a total of 3 pockets , one on each side of the lower end of the garment, and another located just in the upper left part. Its size is enough to store having a not very loose smartphone deposited in dimensions. The neck style is pointed, it is not 100% closed, which will come in handy to sleep with it in a comfortable, light and fresh way. You have it available in a size S, size S + (a size S larger than normal) and a size L. You have a total of 3 buttons and it is carried in cold areas of the US, far from desert areas such as California or Los Angeles. Its appearance makes it worn, especially in the colder times of the year, such as Christmas. If you were looking for a kurta design for and to sleep , this is the model you have to choose

Why buy the kurtas at Gucci?

Buying a kurta from is one of those things that very few can boast about. You are at the doors of it and with the best possible information, because we are going to tell you what factors make you end up paying more for your kurta in this exclusive store. The first thing to review is that the stock you have is immediate. If for whatever reason you see that any of its models is not available, in a very short time you will have it available again . Whichever purchase method you choose, you will be able to successfully complete your transaction thanks to the fact that you have a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, Discover, Amazon Pay and JCB bank card in hand . What purchasing methods do you have when getting a kurta on There are several:

The first one is the instant way. By adding the size you want and, later, adding it to the cart, you can buy the model you want without the need to register, taking more minutes than normal. You will only have to fill in the typical data such as name and surname, the address where you live, the city, the state and the corresponding zip code. Of course, Gucci adapts to the geographical location of its users: If you visit us from the US, you will go to the department. In the case that you visit us, which we know, from Mexico, you will go to the section, all in order to save as much money as possible in the “taxes” section , which we will talk to you about. now in depth

As for the shipping methods , you have two that differ from each other: one is standard class , the delivery of which can take about 48/72 hours , about 2-3 working days, always in the best of cases. In full Christmas stages or months of sales , this delay can be impacted upwards, taking about 5-7 working days , and even more. For a modest amount of $25 , taking into account what you are going to pay for your model, you will have it available the next business day at your door . If the order is made on Saturday, you will not have it at home until Monday, unless you apply another method of payment that Gucci brings you in scoop: the collection in a physical store. This tries to go to the physical location that you have closest to you to save at least 24 hours of waiting and subsequent shipping cost

The same day and in a couple of hours, you can have it available in that Gucci store with full guarantee. To find out which store you have to go to, you will find it in the “Find my store” section and when applying this method that we will tell you below: open google maps , type in the Gucci search engine and the specific state or city of that state where you live. In an instant, you will know the exact distance that separates you from where you are to that physical store, to save as much as possible on gasoline costs, if you are going to go by car, or from fatigue, if you are going to walk. Later, go to this specific section of and you will know if, indeed, it is available in that store in Miami, California or wherever you live

You have a 30-day money-back guarantee and thanks to the collaboration with Affirm , you will be able to apply the purchase method in financing or installment terms of your kurta at This works in the following way: imagine that you buy a certain model and want to pay for twelve months. If you choose three months, the amount of money to disburse each month will be greater, but you will not have any additional charge added. Instead, more months of loan, less amount of money to disburse monthly, but this time with the famous hidden charges addedContact us if you have any further questions. IMPORTANT: Customs taxes will always be included and will vary to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the country where you carry out the operation. For example, if you order your order from the Gucci department in the US , at the cost of shipping and the garment, you will have to add almost 300 dollars of customs taxes