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They say that life moves by instincts, by fashions, that what others do, we do. We do not believe that this is 100% so. You have reached and you will be someone different from others, different for following us, even if you act instinctively, influenced by us, in relation to what was said above

And why different? Because soon you will wear something that few carry in your city, or you may already be in that segment of people who are different. It won’t matter, because you and the other person who never wore a kurta, will achieve something that many people cannot brag about

What is it about? We are going to tell you with the meaning of emoticons, to see if you can get it: 🎁 🎫 ✈️ 🇮🇳. You will be able to do this only if you have spent a minimum of 100 dollars or the equivalent of the local currency of the country from where you visit us, sending us a capture that you actually spent that amount

And the second thing is that you make the homemade kurta pajama that on our website we explain step by step how you have to proceed, with the condition that some part of it does not have the same black and white finish or with horizontal strips

Clarify that this will not be in force until we give the warning in the form of an alarm emoji 🚨, in this same strip of our online site that you are now reading. Have you already gotten the meaning of the 4 emojis? It is something so unexpected that telling you in writing is ugly

When you see it, you might think: Really? YES! As a reward that you are someone different, someone from us. PS: It will only be available a few times a year. Follow the steps in this article, along with the above, and may dreams come true!

👉🏻 Find out how to design your own homemade kurta pajama at home easily!

What models of kurtas pajamas for mens do we currently have for sale in the online market?

Kurtas pajamas for men with leaf stalk print

Section sold in full It is one of the best-selling models in this store. Its sales success is explained in its design: uniformity and minimalism in its purest form

Three types of distinguished layers: the one with stems, the uniform, and the edges of the neck and ends of sleeves, which follow successions of oblique lines inclined to the left and right

For what occasion is it more ideal to wear it? tells you. Stay tuned!

Kurta pajama for men with leaf stalk print in bronze color

Somewhat rougher are the oblique lines and the leaves of the stems, which are in a kind of relief to be distinguished. And it is that this model uses a uniformity of color in all its design, not different shades as it happens with other models , which as of the date we see, is not in stock

By the time you read us, it will be back in stock. This color is super ideal to wear if you are going to go to a typical Pakistani or Indian party and you do it late at night , not in the middle of the night, where the color will not come out so much

Kurta pajama for men with leaf stalk print in red

Density in height in each of its prints, a bright red color, far from representing femininity, represents a divine color for man in Hindu or Pakistani culture. This color is ideal if you are going to attend sacred or guest ceremonies in a typical Indian wedding

Its design, whatever the tonality, makes it only applicable on holidays. You have it available in sizes 44 and 46 . The way to button it is without the presence of buttons. Everything is made from a silky material that adheres instantly. This is the most chosen color in the section

kurta pajama for men with leaf stem print in deep blue

The most beautiful color of all, the one that you do or if you have to wear if you are going to attend an act, party, whatever, held between 12pm and 4pm . Why this time slot? Because as long as it’s sunny, the color will shine more than ever. It is also ideal if you have a girlfriend and want to give her a seductive look

Wearing such a pigment is synonymous with vigor, integrity, firmness , terms that we know women love. The stem of its leaves becomes a somewhat darker blue. Throughout its fabric, it has light interlocking stitches that give the garment a touch

Kurtas pajamas for men with vertical lines print

Depending on the color, said patterns may be surrounded by a light stroke in different shades. These outlines are characterized by the shapes of lines in several small dotted outlines, up to the top end, the topmost part, where dots occur in larger and larger sizes.

The button pads and the ends of the sleeves change. The person in charge of this section is, where it comes from. This design is ideal to go out with if you are going to go to any place of a formal nature

The price of these models come in rupees, but they have been in dollars a total amount not much more than 10

Kurta pajama for men with vertical lines print in green

You have it in stock from size XS to size XXL . In this garment the vertical lines have a somewhat off white and no lines around them. The button panel comes in a kind of green color that is somewhat more opaque on the inside and darker areas on the edges of said button

Its fabric is 100% cotton, it has two pockets of a standard size and it combines very well with beige pants and in colors that are always very light. Somewhat dark blue colors and going down, as far as the dark color palette is concerned, it is better not to combine them. If you like the most daring look , opt for this model

Kurta pajama for men with vertical lines print in peach color

Many women, and we do not understand why, use this emoji to represent their piss on social networks . The truth is that from here we affirm and reaffirm that it does not make sense. They would have to discover this page to find out a few things … The lines still do not have a trace around them

And the buttons are now in the same tone as the vertical sketches, with a slightly lighter peach edging . With this and all the models in the section, you will be able to roll up the fabric on the sleeves. If you want to respond to those girls with that absurd emoji they use , opt for this model

Kurta pajama for men with vertical lines print in navy blue

One of the quintessential shades of men’s fashion . This model does have a slight trace of black somewhat lightened along the vertical lines. The collar lapel, as in all shades, is formal in style , very present in conventional shirts used in the West.

You can combine it with a light blue, not sky blue, royal blue or darker blue . The main layer of the buttons becomes a uniform white, with blue edges that match the layer tone. Those who want to represent their masculinity, how macho they are , opt for this model

Kurtas pajamas for men wedding style

Some models in this section are ideal to wear only as a guest, others only as the couple’s boyfriend and others for both cases. Minimalist designs, extroverted designs, you have them in all colors!

This section is exclusive to, one of the quintessential online stores for Indian men’s fashion. Their outfits are presented, looking at the average, as the expensive ones

Many of them are made in India itself , hence its high price. Located between $ 40 and $ 100, you cannot disappoint us. Look:

Kurta pajama for men in navy blue style

Its design is explained as a kind of bulbs, which are not bulbs as such, although they are in shape, with a very thin part (the screwed base) and the curved and elongated area (the illuminated one) . Within this most predominant area, it follows a trace in the rustic style and in the golden style

It has a total of 6 buttons, tinted in gold . On the back, it has a dense layer in totally uniform navy blue, without any presence of prints, something that very few of these models comply with: having a double design in their model. If you want the most daring wedding kurta as a guest , choose this model

Kurta pajama for men in wedding style with flower bouquet design

Like a blue mixed with magenta, and at the same time, preserving minimalism using stems of leaves in black. It has the outline of a leaf that predominates in size, and later, small leaves that come out of the different stems and are tinted in the same tonality: black

The appearance of the buttons comes in the same hue, and on the back, it has a silky finish with the same color design as the entire layer. Far from being carried by privileged people, the truth is that this model is ideal for those who are going to celebrate their bachelor party in Hindu lands.

Men’s wedding style kurta pajama with sword neck lapel

One of the most minimalist of the entire section. Its light linear line stands out vertically in the back area and horizontally in the center of the neck lapel and the ends of both sleeves. Throughout this sword, it is finished with blades, as a way to represent the divinity of man

The rest of the garment has a 100% uniform design, without any type of outline. You have it available, as in all models, from size 28 to 58 . The neckline is the most pronounced of all. To break with all kinds of formal patterns in a bodorrio , choose this model

Kurtas pajamas for men in uniform style

One of the best-selling models in the American giant. Its finish is 100% silk, which makes it a garment not only super attractive due to the brightness it has, but a great ally against the cold, although underneath it only carries the gallumbos

The exact store where it comes from is Skavij, one of the most up-to-date garments in Indian fashion has in its catalog

In addition, in this section you will be able to benefit from something that no other store in the sector offers you: exclusive designs with shipments in less than 24 hours and at a cost of 0

Kurta pajama for men in the uniform style of gold color

In the upper front part of the neck, it has a design of oblique lines oriented to the left, that is, they start from the right and end on the left. They are very thin and are tinted black. The edges of the neck and the button panel area are ornamented in a somewhat more noticeable black line

The button panel has the laces in white and the base where it is supported in black. This tonality is one of the best sellers in the section. By whom? For those people who want to symbolize wealth in their life or who are going to go to areas of the Middle East such as Abu Dhabi, Qatar or Bahrain

Kurta pajama for men in beige uniform style

At the end of the sleeves, as with the masculine kurti in a uniform design in gold and turquoise blue, it has successions of stripes in the shape of a slope inclined to the left. Its hue is slightly darker so that it can be clearly distinguished . The edges of the neck flap and button panel are now in a kind of wine color

You have it available in size S, not being the smallest, and one size higher than L: XL . This and all the models have a triangle-shaped finish on the sides, distinguished by the absence of fabric. Behind him, you can see the pants, belt or clothing worn by the man. If you are going to go to a night party , opt for this model

Kurta pajama for men in the uniform style of turquoise blue

The oblique stripes are presented in a red-white double tone, with a collar flap that has oblique stripes sloping to the right. Do you know that this model has its matching pants included? That is why it is priced higher than normal, located above $ 60.

Ah! And a scarf in a dark color of another hue, which contrasts with the turquoise blue . This tonality is intended for those calming men, the serene ones, the patients. That, or that you have a skin complexion that is more white than brown. Choose this model if you are used to going out during the day and not at night

Kurtas pajamas for men in dot designs

Hindu and Pakistani festivals. That is the main reason to opt for this men’s kurta pajama in dot design, sold again in full on

Its design breaks with any type of pattern seen so far because, on the one hand, some of those points are tinted in one tonality and other points, in another different tonality.

In addition, depending on the color of one or the other, they will have black strokes, while others are exempt from it. It has a total of 7 buttons, tinted in the same hue: cream. Its tie is the least conventional: hook-shaped

Kurtas pajamas for men in yellow dot designs

If you look closely, inside the layer it has outlines of whitish dots , but if you look over it, it has a design like a kind of clover that has remodeled its appearance , some of them being tinted in a kind of cream color and others in a whiter appearance

It forms what we know as a “weathered finish” . The collar lapel is still formal in style and the thickness of this cape is somewhat lighter. Given its color, you can use it at any time of the day. If you want the most striking kurta in dotted design in this section , choose this model

Kurtas pajamas for men in white dot designs

This and all models have them available from size XS to 7 times the size L . No other store in the industry gives you such a long undercut! Kaftan is a pure state, like its color, used in spring and summer stages , referring to the West. The design of various clovers in shades of cream more opaque and lighter

You have two pockets of a standard size on both sides and flanges at the end of the sleeves and the bottom of the garment, without any presence of ornaments. It is distinguished by a white coating that is even brighter than the main white. If you stand out for the order and cleanliness , choose this model

Kurtas pajamas for men in sky blue dot designs

The cream hue in this model is somewhat lighter and brighter at the same time, more noticeable to the naked eye. The collision of this color with the sky blue makes it one of the most distinguished from afar . Inside the neck lapel and the entire garment, use the same color

Its price rises to $ 90 . Because? This is due to its manufacture, which is less mass than other more generic colors, such as red . Since ancient times, those colors that are variants of a main tonality, in this case blue, have always been more limited in accessibility. If you want the most colorful manly kurta in dot design of all, choose this model

What models of kurtas pajamas for womens do we currently have for sale in the online market?

Kurtas pajamas for women in solid color design

Minimalist woman, who does not like to draw too much attention, pay attention to this section: garment that reaches to the height of the ankles, with two cords, oriented to the left and right respectively, they hang almost to the base of the navel

On the sides, we have two key openings to connote the figure of the woman, made of a light fabric, ideal to wear in warm climates. you have it available from size XS to XL

This section is sold entirely on, whose garments come from Hindu territory. You are in front of originality in its maximum expressiveness

Kurta pajama for women in garnet uniform color design

Garnet, one of those colors that goes well with any garment you wear, be it a darker, softer tone or matching trousers in the same color. The height of the sleeves reaches a little beyond the elbow. For women with not too brown skin, it is luxurious . For what situations can you carry it?

A Valentine’s day or an ordinary day where you intend to do something different. Did you know that this color can be given the meaning of freedom? In that same we reside. We want you to be imaginative, creative, so that moment, that surprises us, you can take it

Kurta pajama for women in white uniform color design

The style is the same, nothing more than the neck flap we stopped having the fabric-free triangle and went from having strings to having buttons, with a total of 8 . In the area of ​​the female bust and almost at the height of the hips, it has a flower design with two sticks that look like maracas

A slightly more pronounced neckline and in a white color. Without a doubt, you are in front of the most feminine garment in this section. To wear it as a godmother at a wedding , uff, you’re going to look divine. You have it available in a size XXL . At the bottom of the garment, it has a fabric-free dot design

Kurta pajama for women in dark green uniform color design

The most formal of all, not only because of the color, very similar to a secretary or office worker, but also because of the type of lapel it uses, typical of a traditional shirt . The button panel reaches the middle of the upper torso. Its design is made up of a series of points grouped in the same area, as if it were a uvera

The isosceles triangle-shaped opening reaches the hip area, which gives it a touch more femininity than another garment that only has it present in the middle of the legs. It is perfect to carry it at daytime moments of the day

Kurtas pajamas for women in floral style

Entire section of It stands out for having a flower petal oriented to the left, with its stem facing to the right. At the bottom, we have a design with three lines, two of them with a very light line and the other with a very thick line, which is obvious.

You have it available in size S and double size L. Besides all this, you will be able to customize it manually. You will be able to have the initials of your name or some special date that has marked you in your life!

The floral style is one of those designs that can never be missing from any garment. While a man may represent a distorted sexual orientation, in women he represents pure femininity

Red floral kurta pajama for women

The brightest, the one with the greatest feeling of “wowww” you are going to leave the staff. Up to the middle of the arm comes the cut of the sleeves, the ideal to show off the torso of a woman’s arms, also important. This and all the models include a kind of light scarf to wear hanging on one of the two arms.

The ideal time to wear it is between 12pm and 5pm, that is, peak hours of the day, and the color is very striking if it is worn by a woman with a skin tone that is neither very white nor very brown. If you want the feminine kurta in the most colorful floral style , choose this model

Kurta pajama for women in the floral style of blue

Right at the bottom, the three-line finish is tinted in a cream hue . This color, unlike others, makes it more likely to be worn well into the morning or near dusk, with the sun’s rays falling. Its design is purely in cotton , like all those in the section

The plunging neckline is one of the most pronounced of the female kurtas sold on Its fabric is super light, so it is recommended to wear it in temperate and tropical areas . Those women who are traveling in areas such as the Maldives or the Latin American Caribbean, choose this model

Kurta pajama for women in beige floral style

The flowers here are presented in a different aspect: first we have them in different shades, reminiscent of the typical garden print with the presence of petals, sunflowers and roses. In size only have available S, M and L . The tie extends throughout the entire fabric, from the base of the neck to the knee area

Those who have bought them, one of the affirmations that is verified is that it has been used for that woman wedding guest and in hot months, not winter . Up to 8 types of different colors are available. The one that gives you the largest color palette of the entire floral feminine segment of kurtas! Those women who want the most disruptive floral feminine kurta model , choose this model

Women’s short fitted kurtas pajamas

This section is intended for those women who like to walk in a more comfortable, lighter, more casual way. They stand out for having a border with a line that follows the compass of the neck in a curved shape, a floral design in the areas near the armpits, a linear design in the most central part and a button panel with the same appearance as the neck, with a total 3-button

In the lower part, which is the area of ​​the skirt, we have the design of a petal with the root of the stem oriented to the left, and following a curved line, the petal of the flower comes out. All tinted in the same tonality

On the sleeves, it has a small triangle opening in the center front and right. Right at the very bottom, we have another blade finish in larger dimensions and oriented to the right. This section is fully sold on and is available from size 2 to 28 plus

Kurta pajama for women with short fitted in pink

Two types of roses are found in this sub-section: the light pink and the most intense pink . The light pink stands out for having the outlines of flowers and leaves at the ends of the sleeves, in a black color. The one with lines comes in a whitish appearance , which contrasts with black and pink. This model is ideal for those women who go out at less daytime moments of the day

On the other hand, we have the intense pink, whose shade of the outlines becomes a not too intense blue , to give prominence to the main shade of the garment. This one is for the main moments of the day. If you want to wear the most feminine short feminine kurta , choose this model

Kurta pajama for women with short fitted in cream color

The sketches vary in tone and the lines are the same color as the garment, in this case in a cream tone. They are painted in a kind of yellowish-white tone that denotes the purity of women, being neat, not being with others . Do you consider yourself someone conventional or unconventional?

Hence the reason to buy this model. By the way, if you have a dark complexion, this model is the one that will give you the best game. It goes very well with black pants or in the same tone. Any other color will deviate too much color tonality. In answer to the question, that woman who is not conventional , this is the model you have to choose

Kurta pajama for women with short fitted in black

The entire garment is in black, so his sketches are distinguished by a kind of relief, that is, the stitching in that specific area has been done in a different way . Thus, it is possible to differentiate the design even if it is all in the same tonality, and also the dark one, which is usually the most difficult to distinguish

At the back, you have a total of 8 small flowers, six in the back area and two on the back of both sleeves. Its price , like all those in the section, is priced between $ 30 and almost $ 50 . If you are a woman who believes in God and wants to mourn someone of your importance, choose this model

Kurtas pajamas for women in palazzo style

A couture from Italy, beloved land of exclusive seams worldwide. With this, you can imagine that you are in front of one of the most original models on the market. Its price is priced between 30 and 50 dollars

Regarding its design, it stands out for having attached stems that form a kind of egg. In some models they are in greater quantity, in other models less. However, other models break any type of pattern, having an olive or pine bouquet design.

The color palette is not too extensive, but it is enough to leave you stunned: two of the colors are among the scarcest on the market, that is, their stock is low, and on the other hand, gray, the color of the autumn season. -wintry

Kurta pajama for women in the palazzo style of cyan color

The color that goes unnoticed the most in the section. In other words, the one with the least demand. The arrangement of its bouquets are the most discreet, tinted in a silver color in a color of the camel or camel species. The sleeves have a succession design of an oblique line to the left, and then another to the right

Obtained from the mixture of blue and green, we can say two things: it is the ideal color for enterprising women and the most serene , according to the first said. From size S to double size L you have it in stock . If you are part of one of those two qualifiers , opt for this model

Kurta pajama for women in the palazzo style of camel color

Do you know that this color is one of the ones that receives the most likes on Instagram? It combines super well with everything and is ideal for any season, especially just released in the fall or at the end of winter. The tonality of the flowers becomes a black color, mixed with a slightly more whitish tonality

At the lower end, it has dot designs, some free of fabric and others tinted in a black hue. This color is intended for those women with the latest kurtis fashion, who want to always wear the most striking, be the center of attention . The price of this garment becomes a little more expensive, close to 50 dollars

Kurta pajama for women in the palazzo style of gray color

It changes to a low-cut neck, where it becomes less pronounced , and right in the central part it breaks with that classic style, with an area free of fabric that comes in a triangular shape . This part, the edge of the neck and even the area of ​​the center of the female bust, has a black outline

The same happens at the end of the sleeves, which has a uniform black hue, which looks super showy next to the greyish color of the garment. The bouquets, one of them, are tinted in total black and many others in a gray with light traces of black , giving it a sensation of a double palette of colors. If you want the feminine kurta in the palazzo style to go out to the rumba , choose this model

Kurtas pajamas for women in the linear style

The most bizarre in terms of design. Its price is estimated at about $ 50, and its sewing uses a color palette rarely seen, making it scarce. So you are not a woman with determination, forget about this model

Depending on the color you choose, the design of the lines will vary in purely vertical, horizontal or a mixture of both. The same will happen with the tonality of the buttons. In some of them, even the lines are presented in oblique arrangements, touching at the top, forming a kind of peak or triangle with its horizontal side, exempt from it.

The collar lapel, in all models, is of a formal style, it does not stand out excessively. Finally, tell you that it lacks a visible one in the front of the chest, ideal for women who do not have many breasts

Kurta pajama for women in the linear style in military green

Here we have a mixture of vertical, horizontal, oblique lines and in a greater or lesser size , as if it were that panel destined to measure the pulsations of the human being. We have military green in these stripes, on it, a kind of cyan, which gives it the greatest possible contrast

The buttons, almost in their entirety, are tinted in the same shade of green. Only a slight part of them are tinted in a cyan hue. The notch reaches the middle of the knee. Those women who like to go formal in daytime moments , choose this model

Kurta pajama for women in the linear style in peach color

Do you know the fruit called peach ? If you have not seen it, we invite you to see what it is like by clicking on the link. There is no doubt that this is the most attractive model, not only in this section, but in the entire female kurta sector on the net . In addition to the main hue, you have a light gray, dark brown and again cyan

This is present on lines tinted in beige. The mixture of colors is surprising, but it is that this gray, brown and cyan are blurred, both above and below . The buttons are tinted in a pure black tonality. If you want the most extravagant feminine kurta in linear style , go for this model

Kurta pajama for women in the linear style in off-white

Quiet, now for the daring odyssey: now you have a much more casual model, to wear at any time of the year , especially in the months with the mildest weather. Its design comes in a kind of inverted V , some v’s that are drawn in a completely scattered way

In other words, it has not been drawn in a uniform way, but in ascending and descending lines. They are tinted in a grayish hue and the buttons come in a slightly lighter shade of black. On the sleeves, the V design becomes >. In tune with that symbol, if you are > in values ​​than others, choose this model

Why buy the kurtas pajamas in our online store?

The online invasion of kurtas pajamas has begun: the site has arrived, synonymous with having all the existing kurta models in the market , such as kurta dhoti, kurta pathani, kurta chikankari, kurta punjabi, kurta wedding, kurta anarkali , kurta dress, salwar kurta, libas kurta, chikan kurta, angrakha kurt, lakhanavi kurta, baju kurta. This invasion is one of the types of kurta, but if we go to the type of clothing , you have in stock kurtas made of cotton, silk, polyester fabric, Bollywood fabric; invasion of kurtas in fitted sizes, short kurta fitted and long kurta fitted, extra-long kurta fitted ah! and invasion of colors,Kurtas in red, green, orange, purple, purple, black, white, gray, yellow, garnet, burgundy, beige, pink, varieties of yellow, green, red … Any color you can think of, we have it in stock only here, in the quintessential online store of kurtas. You have the most up-to-date models , most in demand and with the best valuation of the entire market . Each of them is extracted from the different brands we collaborate with: Etsy, eBay and Gucci are the ones that, for now, work with us, but don’t worry, more will come in the future.

From here you will not leave without that kurta model that you are looking for: Having different stores available in one place will not only allow you to guarantee that long-awaited immediate and unlimited stock that we all want, it will allow you to find price disparities, not cling to a single store and adhere to their respective policies. By having many, the same model or with a similar seam, you can have it available in another similar store of the competition, reduced in price and with a delivery or payment method better than the other. This said in a few lines, we are going to summarize it below so that you understand it better. What concerns you now is that in addition to having the best possible segmentation in prices, allowing you the luxury of having new and unworn kurtas at cheaper and more expensive prices, you will have the unique possibility of enjoying all the consumer policies they offer. competing stores. These are:

In addition to having a permanent and extendable stock in time, you will be able to enjoy all kinds of shipping methods , which will discern in later and less late delays, with different shipping commissions, the most reputable parcel companies nationwide in each country , depending on where you are visiting us from, and internationally , applicable for all countries, the safest means of payment on the network, the most flexible payment methods on the market, the latest consumer policies, with refund guarantees of more or less loose orders, access to promotions and temporary discounts, such as in the run-up to Christmas or in months of sales, and customer service 24/7, 365 days a year. Any type of doubt you have will be answered by our team

Now, we are going to tell you how the stock works when purchasing your kurta in the different online stores of the sector, our particular buying guide: imagine that you go to the network giant If you visit us from the US, you will go to the department of that same country. On the other hand, those who are traveling through areas of the Caribbean, will go to or , except that that country has a specific Amazon department. In most cases, the United States and Mexico departments apply. So, for those who are in the US and have it available on , the shipping delay will not go beyond 48/72 hours , unless it is a model that comes from abroad.Shipping costs do not exceed $ 5, and if you are an Amazon Prime customer , only in some models you will be able to enjoy a free shipping cost, with shipping delays of less than 24 hours

What if that same model is not available in the Amazon US catalog? You will go to the department that does have it available. To which? It will depend on how many are available. For example, if that model you are looking for is available in the department of Mexico and Australia, making your transaction from the US, you will go to Mexico. Why’s that? You may be wondering. Well, it is because, on the one hand, you are going to save on shipping costs, because the farther the destination is, the more cost it will have, and the shipping delay will be less late. The same applies if you are in Spain: if you have it available, the shipping cost will not be more than € 3.99. In the event that it is not in stock, you will go to any of the departments that are available . If for example you finishBuying it in and you are in Spain , the shipping cost will not be less than ten dollars . Through an artificial intelligence system installed on our online site, we will be able to detect in real time where you are and which Amazon stores are available, always prioritizing that you spend the least amount of money on shipping costs and take the shortest amount of time. possible

But what if I end up buying at a store other than the American giant? The procedure is the same, but applied to different stores. Suppose you are going to make your transaction at . At the moment we look at this, the shipping cost becomes $ 6 , with order receipts that, in some cases, take 2-3 business days, and in other cases, up to 15 business days or more.. By working days we refer to all those days that do not include weekends or holidays. Therefore, the 15-day shipping delay of your kurta can be extended up to 3 weeks, from the moment you successfully complete the purchase. In this store, once you select the size you want, as happens in Amazon, you can go to the payment process. If you register as a UTVFashion user, know that you can get a $ 10 discount on your first purchase. In the event that the model you are looking for is not in stock, then you will have the alternative to . How does the purchase of the kurta proceed in this store?

The first peculiarity, not present neither in the American giant nor in, is that the price is in “RS” , that is, in rupees , the official currency of India. The second thing is that you will have different offers available, where you will be able to recover a greater or lesser percentage of rupees, which you have lost beforehand, and you have successfully completed your transaction . Again and as with the previous store, if you register with them you will get a discount of 300 rupees, which is almost 4 dollars. When you proceed to order, you will need to enter a valid number from India.This store is ideal for those who are traveling in India or want to obtain an exclusive model of it, doing a kind of trick . There are services that allow you to change the IP where you are located. The IPs are the algorithms that identify which server we are connected to. They are found throughout the world. With this we want to tell you that it is possible to emulate an IP coming from India, exempting you from having to go directly to Hindu lands

This store is the one that we least recommend that you choose when getting the kurta because it is very limited in terms of purchasing flexibility, since only those that come from India can buy. You don’t have it available on Amazon or on utsavfashion? There you have the alternative of Etsy or eBay. The shipping costs in these two stores will depend on the destination where it is going to be sent. On Etsy, ship to remote locations like Fiji or Vanuatu for as little as $ 15 . With what means will you be able to make the payment, what is the store where you buy your model? You will see more debit or credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal

To a lesser extent, Discover, JCB, Union Pay, Amazon Pay, or Apple Pay . The process when making your instant purchase is very simple: you will only have to enter names and surnames, the place where you reside, address, department door, country, postal code, country, email and telephone number. With Paypal, you may be charged a percentage if you spend an amount of money . Meanwhile, with Amazon Pay you will be able to make the payment without having to enter any information: You simply select the payment method with Amazon, and have any of the cards mentioned above, the order will be finalized. You will be able to evaluate its follow-up in the “My orders” section. The same applies to all stores

This type of subscription is the instant one, the one that you will see the most in mass in the market, but there is much more that you have to know: You will be able to select collection points, that is, if at the time the carrier is going to pass you are not going to be at home, then he will proceed to deliver it to you at that collection point, which are usually reputable stationers in the area , places where you have to blindly believe that nothing will go wrong, and if something does go wrong, you always have the right lose the owner of said stationery. Depending on whether the purchase is international or national, your shipments will apply a parcel service or another: In the US , Fedex or UPS will apply , both for standard and express delay shipments.DHL only applies if the product comes from abroad or you are in Spain and you carry out the transaction in a department other than . The instant purchase is ideal for those who have large budgets and want to get rid of the economic pinch at once

Did you know that certain models, depending on the cost, you will be able to pay it in installments ? This is something you can find on Amazon. If you see that it has the “Credit Line” or “Cofidis” section , you will be able to pay for that exclusive kurta model from 3 months to 30 months . In the rest of the stores, for now and on the day we write this, there is no payment method for financing or installment payment. We will be on the lookout for any news that arises. What interests you more, more or less months of payment? It will depend on how much money you have at the moment or how much you want to overpay for the amount. If you choose less than 12 months, a 0% APR will be applied, that is, you will not pay more for your model. Like any loan, the more monthly installments we choose to pay it, the more extra interest it will affect us. After 12 months, a certain percentage of APR is applied to you, which will be higher or lower, depending on whether you choose 18, 24 or 30 months . In other stores that sell kurtas such as Mercado Libre, a leading store in Latin America, you will be able to pay for your model in up to 36 months

What you have to know about this is the following: the less monthly installments you pay the kurta, the more money you will have to pay monthly, but a lower amount of interest will be imposed on you . On the other hand, the more monthly installments you pay the kurta, the less money you will have to pay for the table per month, but a greater amount of taxes will be imposed on you.. In one case or another, you will end up paying a higher or lower price than the one established by default, the initial amount at which it is for sale. In other words, the more months of payment you choose, the more you will pay for that model, which is initially worth $ 100, but ends up costing you $ 140. In the second case, you will end up paying $ 110 more, $ 30 less. If you understood? In we always put practical examples so that you understand the concepts perfectly

Another method of payment is the collection of the kurta in the physical store closest to where you are currently. This only applies if you are going to travel to countries like Mexico, Colombia or Argentina . All of them have different Mercado Libre departments and, in addition to all the payment methods that we have just told you, this store has another one, which is precisely the one that we told you right at the beginning. So that you understand, imagine that you are in Mexico. For that country, the OXXO grocery store applies. The order will arrive at the hands of any worker in the store, and according to the seller’s conditions, you can pay it only online with the bank cards mentioned above, or you can also pay the kurta on delivery or in cash. This flexibility of payment is ideal for those people who do not trust online transactions and want to do everything in the black. To be able to carry out this form of payment, you will have to do the following: go to google maps , and with the location services activated, write in the search engine “Oxxo México”, or the state of Mexico where you are. Immediately, you will know which OXXO store you are most interested in going to to save as much as possible on walking or car diesel

You enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee , whatever the store where you buy your model. At Amazon, and because it is the prelude to Christmas, orders placed in mid-November , you will be able to enjoy an extended money-back guarantee of up to 90 days , that is, until January 31 of the following year. Whatever the reason you are returning the kurta, you will be able to do so. You just have to enter the model from the box where it came, seal it and Amazon or the store where you buy it will take care of the rest, not incurring any type of charge. What is that so IMPORTANT that you do or do need to know? Customs or duty taxes .ATTENTIVE all those people who are going to buy several kurtas on Amazon or are going to get an exclusive model. This type of tribute applies from those products that are worth 100 dollars and if it is sent from a country labeled as foreign . We are going to give you more light on this: The first thing that is not the case in all countries. Depending on where you place the order, the minimum amount to apply this tax will be higher or lower

As a general rule, the minimum is priced at one hundred dollars. To know whether or not this tax will be applied to you , you have to inform yourself if the seller comes from countries such as China or India . If this is indeed the case, then rest assured that you will suffer this tribute. How much money will you have to pay? It will depend on how much money you spend: It will not be the same if you spend 100 dollars than 300 dollars. In one case or another, the percentage of tax that will be applied to you will be higher or lower. Do not worry about that, because normally the extra cost is the same as the VAT. Your order will arrive at the main airport in your country. It will pass a thorough inspection. When all the filters pass, you will only have to pay that amount. Only then will the parcel company proceed to collect it. Otherwise, the package will be classified as “lost”, being returned to its country of origin and running the risk of not recovering the high disbursement you made. More information about it, contact us

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